WCNTV with Guest Dr. Michael Spaulding - 1.22.2020

WCNTV with Guest Dr. Michael Spaulding | 1.22.2020 WCNTV with Guest Dr. Michael Spaulding | 1.22.2020
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America needs more pastors and Bible teachers. Anyone with a microphone is needed to teach God's word. We as a country should learn more from each other instead of breaking each other down. Not all lessons will be learned in a brick and mortar church. Some of the best teachings come from conversations with other Christians. The enemies of God are slow, methodical, and strategic. They bring social injustice, socialism, and communism. The ideals are slowly leaked into our churches. This has created the need for the Bible teachers and pastors.

Liberal theology, has opened the door for many non-Christian beliefs to infiltrate the church. Liberalism, feminism, and homosexuality have slowly leaked into today's churches. Christians are not Christians, as they deny the Bible and choose to lean on other teachings. The truth is being ignored by our culture. We need local irate individuals to stand up and take back the Word of God in our churches. Christian faith requires action. It is our responsibility as Christians to take action. Ministry needs to be encouraged, especially outside the church’s walls. We will be seen as radicals, but we are normal.

Many Christians have replaced God with “Therapeutic Deism”. They place God on a shelf until they need him. This is not the God of the Bible. Christian teachers today are not interested in winning souls, but more in advancing their own agenda. These agendas revolve around making money. These are the people that refuse to cooperate or coordinate efforts with other Christians. They refuse to lose control, nor influence, and money. What are you doing in your life to get closer to God. “If You Love Me, Then You Will Heed My Commandments!”